Friday, November 1, 2013

Trick or Tweet?!

So I have no sympathy for kids who whine about trick-or-treating, whether it's weather or lack of the "good candy," which, by the way, we definitely handed out the good candy this year. Anyway, I didn't get to trick-or-treat as a kid, one of the few downfalls to growing up in the country. We had costumes for school, and our parents drove us to our grandparents' homes that evening, but that was about it. Made me think a little extra then, about this 21st Century Kids Just Don't Get Trick-or-Treating article I read last night while waiting for the witches, Spidermen, and even Uncle Si's to knock on our front door. They're complaining virtually now! Suck it up kids, it's a night you're allowed to roam the neighborhoods in the dark, effectively begging at doors, knowing that a glowing porch light equals some kind of goodie. So be happy with what you get kids, or next year I'm passing out floss.

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