Monday, May 28, 2012

Shiny New Toy

So, iPads have been a big deal for more than a little while now. I've pretty much always had iPad envy. However, I just couldn't justify the expense. My laptop never quit, I had both a work and a home desktop, and when my mobile phone contract came up for renewal I upgraded to my pretty, pretty iPhone. With all at, what use does a high school teacher have for an iPad. Of course I would use and love it, but it was far from a need. So I always joked that I was waiting for someone to give me one. Guess what, folks? It finally happened. Last Friday, the faculty's last day before summer, the IT department handed out our district-provided iPads. It had been in the works for a while, but I was a skeptic on this particular promise. It was a huge purchase obviously. Their word was their bond however and Friday afternoon the high school library was buzzing with teachers from all generations finding their ways around their shiny new devices. I couldn't wait to spend the first few days of summer personalizing and playing. Then my home Internet gave up the ghost. Needless to say I didn't exactly handle this like a grown-up, but now that I'm at my wonderful boyfriend's apartment, where the Internet works just fine, I'm a much happier camper. My entire point here is two things: 1) I GOT AN IPAD!!! 2) I now have extra motivation, reason, and platform from which to be a better blogger.