Friday, October 7, 2011

Sites You Said Were Interesting (Class Post)

Dearest 21st Century Students,
I've finally looked through your website research and pulled out the websites you found and included on the lists you turned in to me. So, if you're struggling with your Social Bookmarking and Blogging project, you might want to turn to some of these sites for inspiration.

Organization Sites
Linkable - social bookmarking
Evernote - it's like an online notebook where anything of any medium can go
SpringPad - very similar to evernote
Chore Buster - create lists to organize your chores and other tasks
Hassle Me - this site will nag you until you complete the task it's nagging you to do
Trip It - useful for organizing travel plans

Interesting Sites
StumbleUpon - a random search engine that directs you to websites fitted to your interets
Youth Noise - where young people have a voice on world issues
Pinterest - photo sharing and organizing

Personal Sites
iGoogle - a personalized homepage
Tumblr - microblogging

Academically Useful Sites
EasyBib - use for creating bibliographies

Monday, October 3, 2011

My Favorite Websites (Example for Class)

To my faithful readers: Herein lie many of my favorite websites, ready for you to browse and enjoy. Even if you're familiar with them, maybe I've included some ideas of how that website can be useful to you that you haven't yet thought of.