Monday, November 8, 2010

Pre Day 1, Everything is Pending

Okay, so I'm not entirely through "Romoe & Juliet," but I do know the first act inside and out...I think. I feel prepared to teach it anyway. However, what materials do I have prepared.

1. A few journal entries including a pretty awesome one including Taylor Swift's "Love Story" music video
2. A character cheat-sheet to keep the Montagues and the Capulets straight
3. An Act I study guide

"A study guide!" you exclaim in horror. "I thought you didn't want to be a worksheet teacher." Okay, I know. I'm the one who said that. But after some reflection and discussions with the other, more experienced freshmen English teachers, I've realized I can't entirely nix the worksheets. They need them. They're freshmen. They're not that focused yet. However, I can design the worksheets do they teach note-taking instead of regurgitating. I can also mix the worksheets up with a few awesome 21st century lessons. Once I figure out how to do that. It's definitely a learning process for me. One thing I do have the confidence to do - have deeper discussions. My classroom discussions before now have always been pretty shallow, often because I feel rushed. But I think I'm ready to lead some stronger, deeper, more patient discussions. "Romeo & Juliet" is the perfect place to start with this too, since infatuation between teenagers is something my kids are bound to have a lot of thoughts on. Right?

We'll see.

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